Our Story

When our founder Qes discovered that CBD oil helped his Grandad - who was living with dementia - feel calm and contented, he knew it could help others too. That’s why the mission began – to create a natural and accessible remedy for people looking to improve their quality of life.

The story began when Qes' Grandad's illness began to manifest itself, with symptoms including agitation during the day and poor sleep at night. Naturally, the family were eager to help Grandad feel his best. But after trying a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs with limited success and excessive side effects, they were somewhat disheartened and decided to take a more holistic approach.

Qes Hussain

Grandad’s well-being routine was adjusted to incorporate a range of natural herbs, vitamins and medicines such as ashwagandha, magnesium, turmeric, ginger, and most notably, CBD oil. Grandad responded positively – remarkably positively, in fact, sleeping better and finding his calm – much to the family’s relief. 

Fascinated by the outcome, Qes researched the ingredients that had made a positive difference to his Grandad’s daily routine. When it came to CBD, he was captivated by the variety of wellness benefits the cannabinoid provides, yet surprised by widespread misconceptions.  

“When I discussed my Grandad’s experience with others, I realised there was a problem. There was a stigma surrounding CBD and understanding of the cannabinoid was murky; particularly concerning safety and legality. I began to consider the impact that CBD could have on peoples' general wellbeing if we delivered the facts and created an accessible brand,” Qes recalls.   

Mission C Founder

And so Mission C was born. A unique CBD range engineered for wellness, sports and skin, following meticulous research and careful consultation with scientists and healthcare specialists. Mission C products are designed to slip effortlessly into your routine, ready to target everyday niggles and stresses, no matter your lifestyle.  

Our team has now expanded to include five members who are equally passionate about living a feel-good, zen lifestyle, and helping others to feel their best too. We’re leading a movement to inspire people to share their positive experiences with CBD and in turn, help educate others. Because after all, CBD can benefit everyone.  

This is Mission C.  

Are you ready to join the movement? 

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